Rajiul Huda Dipto is a professional screenplay writer and working for years in the Bangladeshi TV industry. Besides that, he introduces himself as a photographer, whose photographs have been featured in various magazines and exhibitions all around the world. Not regularly, but he publishes his works in national dailies as well. Currently, he is working as a community writer in BuzzFeed and a contributor in Getty Images.

When you die inside,
Inside of your soul,
I bet you may never know,
The fact to fill the hole,

The hole which is created,
Life means the hoax,
Not just to lay you down,
But why do I face the crux?

Hide is the criteria,
Search is the trim,
My nights are called Insomnia,
And, I only miss my dreams.

The coin I have thrown,
Have thrown inside the love pond,
I believe it is just a myth,
But will I admire my love has gone?

Now my life can be stolen,
And, I can leave the world,
But, my love will be with you,
Whether, I live or not,

When the earth shakes by itself,
Or I shake my mind,
You become the psycho,
And, I hope the God is kind,

My lips speak what your heart says,
Love takes you closer to God,
I run faster than a heartbeat,
Your eyes pierce me a lot,

Quench my thirst with your eyes,
Embellish all the beams,
My nights are called Insomnia,
And, I only miss my dreams.