Rajiul Huda Dipto is a professional screenplay writer and working for years in the Bangladeshi TV industry. Besides that, he introduces himself as a photographer, whose photographs have been featured in various magazines and exhibitions all around the world. Not regularly, but he publishes his works in national dailies as well. Currently, he is working as a community writer in BuzzFeed and a contributor in Getty Images.


Will you cry if I die?
And will you be able to fly?
With me in the sky,
Come lets try,

Will you ask me not to go?
Will you wait in the parking row?
Will you be the cup of tea?
I loved,
Will you hide all the caste?
And will you be the lonely chest?
I will hide inside of it,
Without hope,
Nevertheless I will ask you why,
Will you cry if I die?

I will leave all my memories,
Will you fold all the letters,please?
Never let you read the sorrow of it,
And I will not be in the same way,
Will you follow me till the day?
But never you try only to meet,

Will you hold the pain I aged?
Will you stay with me in the maze?
If I shout at loud will you be shy?
Will you pray without asking why?
Will you catch me If I say good bye,
Will you cry if I die?